Selasa, 22 September 2009

“Things to do this Hari Raya”

Like we know ,Hari Raya is people's victory day Islamic worldwide.Hari Raya in later awaiting after successful fulfil fasting piety one-month long.Hari Raya also able day we meet far kindred and so much long separated.But pretty depressing whenever there are that cannot return to village because need to be on duty in Hari Raya.
Day time first public ,aku going back to hometown in No 1915 U ,TAMAN STADIUM ,ALOR STAR ,KEDAH.But antecedently just-in-time I go grave of the late visit my grandfather in Tanah Perkuburan Albukhari Alor Star.The time I very sad because I very miss my grandfather.I though not grandfather included but I already believe like grandfather included.Last got back from visit grave grandfather,incomplete great otherwise eat at house grandfather ,no wants vengeance,just hungry little only not much.At house my grandfather,I can collect "Duit Raya" from neighbour ,siblings and other guest.Various food prepared to complete Hari Raya.for example,ketupat ,rendang ,kuih great and other.Just-in-time also I sleep at home my grandfather even one night.Attributed to many relatives ,place to sleep not enough.

In second Hari Raya ,I help my uncle provide materials to cook meat rice.My uncle misses of course clever to cook ,cooking its of course appetizing.After through ripe guest come to celebrate.Of course lot of guests who come ,among them distant relative and many more.In night side also ,I go to my uncle house because he do a little public feast ,he only fetch close relatives and neighbours only.All completed,I return to Kuala Perlis ,so tired.Reach house further evening prayer isyak and sleep.

Rabu, 2 September 2009

Heck!!!today be quiz...

Quiz today quite difficult ,can solve its ,just be 2 questions complicate.

Herm...time ansewr question ,student discuss ,but Pn.Maimunah exists its message so that student do not talk ,because month Ramadhan.Question Puan gives easy only ,but otherwise remember road count indeed difficult.

Selasa, 1 September 2009

RAMADHAN on campus

My first time welcome RAMADHAN on campus and apart with family.RAMADHAN this time too many memories that cannot I forget.Of course is denied very different RAMADHAN year.I used to welcome RAMADHAN without family ,but RAMADHAN in very campus difficult.We must independent to forage open.Food to eat before dawn is even itself also.Already finish opening fast ,we would inflame again surau to cash in our duty namely sunset prayer and isyak.After pray ,we mass will fulfil prayers tarawih and witir optional .

Today I bread post-midnight meal and nastum ,memang appetizing..herm..after post-midnight meal ,I continue assignment that had in trust by Ms. Suzilawati namely subjek Hubungan Etnik.